so everything is going as smoothly as can be expected on tour right now. richy from kj-52 talked alot of junk to us about being better at halo, and well......he was right. he is truly a worthy opponent. in other news the show tonight was awesome. we're in bedford indiana tonight, and we played at some huge high school. everyone was very nice and thanks to all the kids that gave us bubblicious. we absolutley love that stuff. on a completely unrelated note, we played a show with a band called EVERYDAY SUNDAY about a week ago. they stole all of our juice from our dressing rooms, and that wasn't very nice of them. but other than being thieves, they are respectable young men. i also have forgotten just how much we really do miss our canadian friends. i can't wait to get back to canada, but just so everyone knows, all the rumors about the people at the border being jerks are true. maybe they just need more hugs in their lives.